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The new competences of Buyers

To keep pace with market trends, purchasing is evolving with unprecedented dynamics. Companies invest huge resources in activities aimed at increasing the role of purchasing departments. The goal of the investment is to get buyers out of the traditional role of “cost guards” and increase the potential added value they can bring to organization.

The role of a trusted business advisor

A challenge for many employees of purchasing departments is the transition from the role of a service provider to the role of a trusted advisor within the organization. In order to gain the trust you have to earn it, and you need time and effort. The buyer must not only understand the needs of stakeholders, but also understand the range of challenges facing the company.

The competencies of a professional business advisor are measured by the ability to deliver vision, ideas and innovative solutions. Although knowledge of the strategy, negotiation skills as well as market knowledge will still be one of the most important competencies. Equally important will be the ability to generate competitive advantage and the ability to quickly respond to market changes.

Digitalization of Purchasing

Technological development will also have a significant impact on the work of buyers. The biggest changes will concern the areas of efficiency, risk, relations, innovation and sustainabilty. The implementation of advanced technological solutions will force  buyers to develop competences in the field of active and intelligent use of available data.

Changes versus buyers development

Coming changes will be a challenge for those responsible for people and talent management. But more about that in our next post.

Eveneum organizes workshops for purchasing departments. Our program is not dry lectures and passive listening, but work on business cases. We start cooperation with a careful evaluation of customer’s needs and on this basis we create a tailor-made development program.