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Defending from the backdoor selling techniques

Training objectives

Safety of information
Savings increase
Protection of technology
Elimination of abuse

Benefits from trainings

Enhancement of the purchasing department's position, by understanding better the interdependences of the goals within different departments 

Your team will be able to talk to suppliers about technical issues safely without feeling imprisoned with information

We teach how to oppose the specyfic type of practices used by sales people and how to use them to achieve your own goals

Training description

Our goal is to raise awareness of the risks and losses associated with the Backdoor Selling in industrial and technical industries. Through analysis of real examples and negotiation games, we teach how to oppose the Backdoor Selling practices of sellers and use them to achieve own goals. 

In particular, we pay attention to the following areas: 

  • 80% of the cost is defined when the specification is ready 
  • You don't have to answer every question. You can answer the question with a question! 
  • What do salesmen ask engineers about and what engineers shouldn't answer? 
  • The cost of changing a validated product / approved supplier is much higher than changing a concept 
  • In negotiations "nothing is agreed until everything is agreed" 
  • Why does the seller by-pass purchasing and prefer technical departments? 
  • How do suppliers undermine the client’s negotiating position? 
  • Techniques of small favors and planned concessions 
  • Purchasing strategy and product development strategy 

After completing the workshop session, your objections will disappear - you will learn the methods and tricks of sales people, your team will be able to talk safely with suppliers about technical issues without exposing the company on weakening negotiating position.


  • Rafal Dados

    Rafał Dados

    18+ years of experience in project sourcing and strategic procurement. Managing Partner at Eveneum, a company specialized in advisory and competencies development. Focused on sectors where relationship building and trust element between partners is the mission critical factor. Supports customers on early suppliers engagement processes and early procurement engagement into R+D work. He has been delivering projects related to: negotiations on behalf, niche technology suppliers scouting. Keynote speaker at Polish and international conferences. Lecturer at Jagiellonian University  (Procurement Management post graduate studies).

Defending from the backdoor selling techniques

Duration: 4 hours

Accessing through: or MS Teams

Start time: 10:00 a.m.