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War in Ukraine. Sanctions on Russia. Impact on supply chain sustainability.

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Date & time

18th of March

3:00 p.m.

60 minutes

Dedicated to

General Managers and CFOs

Global Category Directors

Category Leaders


Mateusz Rak

Rafal Dados

Invited guests

5 minutes abstract from the meeting held on 18.03.2022

Key discussion points at webinar

Sanctions and retaliation. There is no win-lose result, it's always lose-lose.

Which elements of the global supply chain are the most fragile. How to resource responsibly. Where Russia may strike back.

We will look into risks across supply chains resulting from Russian invasion on Ukraine and sanctions imposed by democratic countries on Russia. Ukraine is an important part of several global supply chains. Lack of components and resources already hits multiple industries (e.g. automotive, AGD, heavy industry). Which ceased production types can be relatively fast rebuilt elsewhere? How should procurement act to support Ukrainian economy recovery at fast pace when the war is over?

Several international companies have already announced that that they are winding down operations or completely leaving Russia. That is on top of official sanctions imposed by democratic word. How this sudden shift of demand and supply could impact capacity and capability of suppliers to deliver in other regions?

REMARK: The situation is very dynamic. We will present the status "as it is" at the time of our meeting. The initiative could turn into a periodic update.

The objectives & benefits


Verify with other experts if your team has 360 degree visibility of the risks

Ideas exchange

Discuss what alternatives to Russia or Ukraine there are in the marketplace in selected industries

Best practicies

Check how market leaders manage long term sourcing strategies and how to build resilient supply chain

Key commodities from Russia and Ukraine

Key industries impacted by the trade restrictions


Webinar agenda

Which sectors in Ukraine suffer the most from Russian invasion

What alse Western European companies buy from Russia beside natural gas and crude oil

Where are the biggest threats and what could be the countermeasures

What can be localised within EU

What impact on total cost of ownership and P&Ls to expect

How to source responsibly to support Ukrainian recovery as soon as possible?

Harvard negotiation model - what is it about

This meeting will be handled with Microsoft Teams as a standard meeting. We count on discussion and exchange of knowledge. It means that all participants will be visible to each other.


  • Mateusz Rak

    Mateusz Rak

    Global purchasing director, expert in global function transformation

    15+ years of experience in: setting-up and developing shared service centres, developing and transforming effective purchasing teams, strategic procurement and commodity management. Participants of the Negotiation and Mediation Tournament for Business Professionals had an opportunity to meet him as he was a member of the jury team. He has worked for ABB, Alstom, International Airlines Group, Rolls-Royce, Valeo and Varroc Lighting Systems. Mateusz is ready to support our Clients from railway, aerospace and industrial automation sectors. He is subject matter expert at: strategic procurement management, function transformation and category management.

  • Rafal Dados

    Rafał Dados

    18+ years of experience in project sourcing and strategic procurement. Managing Partner at Eveneum, a company specialized in advisory and competencies development. Focused on sectors where relationship building and trust element between partners is the mission critical factor. Supports customers on early suppliers engagement processes and early procurement engagement into R+D work. He has been delivering projects related to: negotiations on behalf, niche technology suppliers scouting. Keynote speaker at Polish and international conferences. Lecturer at Jagiellonian University  (Procurement Management post graduate studies).

War in Ukraine. Sanctions on Russia. Impact on supply chain sustainability.

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