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Working with Indian partners. Practical tips.

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Date & time

4th of June 2020

9:30 a.m. CET

Dedicated to

Companies doing business in India.

Companies looking for Indian parters.


Pankaj Saluja

Rafal Dados

Key discussion points at webinar

True opportunities emerge in difficult times. Be the first one to spot them!

Shorten your supply chain and make it more sustainable

Indian partners export
Import India

The objectives & benefits


In post-COVID19 world many companies will seek an alternative or second source to China. India put in place solid counter measures. Country is safe and stable.


Ask the questions, understand if Indian business partners can give you competitive advantage. What is in high demand and what could be in the near future.


Indian population exceeded 1.3 billion citizens with rapidly growing income per capita. Indian suppliers guarantee savings against your existing supply base.

Webinar agenda

Key industries in India exporting to Europe

How to build relationship in Indian business culture

What to be careful with

How to seek support locally

When India will emerge from COVID19 lockdown

Indian flag

Host & Guest

Pankaj Saluja

Pankaj Saluja

Senior Executive Procurement consultant based in Delhi

Procurement consultant based in Delhi. Worked for a Major Automotive Aftermarket Client and for a Swiss based Client of innovative healthcare products. Experienced sourcing consultant on Low Cost Country Sourcing from India, China, Vietnam on rubber extruded and rubber molded parts for truck maker, marine transmission maker. Well known supply base of fasteners & accessories from INDIA. In the past Senior Executive Procurement with New Holland Tractors, India for 3.5 Years. Worked with companies like QH Talbros, Kramp, India, Honda Scooters and Motorcycles and Sona Group.

Rafal Dados

Rafal Dados, host

Managing Partner Eveneum. Industry 4.0 and digitatization in procurement.

15 years of experience in project and strategic sourcing. Supports customers in early supplier engagement in R+D work and project sourcing procedures. Delivers negotiation on behalf, supply base development projects. In Eveneum responsible for ESSA strategic sourcing software.

Working with Indian partners. Practical tips.