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Dealing with global corporate buyers

Workshop objectives

Actively influence customer’s purchasing strategy
Achieve and maintain strategic supplier position
Build long-term relationship
Increase chance to win a new business


We will provide you knowledge about your Customer's agenda and buying preferences

We will give you the key to successful negotiation!
ROI guaranteed.

We will REVEAL HIDDEN needs of your customers and help you to become their supplier of choice

Why this workshop

We have developed “Dealing with corporate buyers” program to help our Clients improve their relationship with customers. We equip sales people with tools and provide them with methodology that can be applied on daily business practice. The workshop has been recognized by our international customers in Europe and North America.

Main topics:

  • Types of purchasing organization - how navigate through them
  • KPIs – do buyers tell you everything?
  • Buyer’s internal stakeholders – how effectively influence them
  • The Buyer’s Theory of Needs - identifying real needs of the customer
  • Need and how to manage expectations
  • New supplier qualification – how to leapfrog competitors
  • Purchasing strategies – how to become strategic supplier / partner
  • Sourcing Board – how decisions are taken and how to influence them
  • TCO – your offer from the Buyer’s perspective
  • Price increase – how to win this game
  • Negotiations –adjusting negotiation style to the expected level of relationship
  • Cost transparency and cost models - how to deal with them
  • Real life examples from buyer’s life
  • Every participant has a chance to work-out strategy of his customer
  • Materials and technics ready to apply right after the workshop


  • Maintain - bench warmers. Not everything is lost. You have two paths. Rebuild your position and become a strategic partner. Make a mistake and you will slide down to Exit.
  • Exit - game over. Be honest with yourself and focus your energy on different customers. Until something big will happen your future is not bright here. Avoid illusion that you are important for your big customer.
  • New Entry - the new draft. Buyers are conservative and prefer to 
resolve issues with current suppliers than to introduce new. Be in the right time, in the right place to get onboard!
  • Strategic - the sweet spot! This is your time, use it effectively. The cake expands and you always have a chance to win a new business. Rest on your laurels and competitors will take your place.

Dealing with global corporate buyers

  • Duration: 16 hours

  • Start time: 9:00 a.m.

  • Training venue: Kraków / Warszawa

    The final location will be adjusted to the participants needs

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