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Our Clients' testimonials

IT Sector

Great real life examples of application of technics and tools practiced during the training. I am going to implement Eveneum’s team negotiation method in my company. I do recommend Eveneum

FMCG Sector

Negotiation training was very professional. Factual, instant feedback from the trainer helped participants to concentrate on their most challenging areas. Trainer openly shared his reach experience and practical tips.

Medical Sector

This coaching is a great chance to better understand yourself as a negotiator, identify your strong points and areas for improvement. Despite experience I have it helped me to move forward. I definitely recommend it!

Railway Sector

Great coaching for those who want to more consciously use negotiation technics. Confrontation with myself during video recording was a very useful experience. I recommend it every experienced negotiator


Eveneum experts presented in-depth understanding of our business […]. Tools and methods proposed by Eveneum strengthened implementation of our long-term relationship strategy with customers and suppliers…


We recommend Eveneum as a reliable advisor in negotiations related to the acquisition of production lines. Eveneum supported us in collecting & analyzing data and during development of the negotiation strategy […]

Polish Post

Eveneum Negotiation Coaching is full of practical cases. Ongoing analysis of good and bad behaviors. Sharing real life experience. I recommend this training

Chemical Sector

I recommend Eveneum Negotiation Coaching! I was in the training together with other senior managers from different functions. Great composition of the group. I can’t wait for the Negotiator’s E-360!

Oil & Gas Sector

Good training especially for divers negotiation teams. I will definitely send my team for the next open sessions. […] I rarely have a chance to meet trainers with practical experience in my industry


Training […] was performed in a very professional manner, adjusted to the audience in terms of scope, timing and structure. Participants not only extended their knowledge, but also could practice new skills and have some fun at the same time.

IT Sector

Thanks for the wonderful training and interactive session. It was great!

Halina Wysokinska

Halina Wysokinska

Strategy and efficiency in Human Resources
Szymon Tochowicz

Szymon Tochowicz

Strategic sales and purchasing
Malgorzata Lazar

PhD Malgorzata Lazar

Compliance and corporate policies
Mateusz Rak

Mateusz Rak

Purchasing function transformation and Shared Services Centres
Rafał Dados

Rafał Dados

Innovations, IT, Industry 4.0 in SRM
Konstantin Cerepanov

Konstantin Cerepanov

Digitalization. German and Russian languages native.
Konrad Krochmal

Konrad Krochmal

IT/IS strategic sourcing and B2B sales
How to Prepare Effectively for Business Negotiations. Invlove stakeholders

How to Prepare Effectively for Business Negotiations

Author: Rafał Dados How to Prepare Effectively for Business Negotiations One common mistake negotiators make is failing to adequately prepare for business discussions. This oversight often leads to suboptimal outcomes in negotiations. To attract sales and purchasing directors to invest in Eveneum’s negotiation trainings, we’ve outlined key steps to prepare effectively for business negotiations. Defining…
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Producenci części samochodowych Automotive sector

How automotive sector strive with inflation

Author: Michal Zając On October 14, 2022, Eveneum and Santander Bank Polska co-organized a webinar entitled “How automotive sector strive with inflation?”. The meeting was opened by Rafał Dados – Eveneum’s managing partner by presenting the agenda of the meeting, then Radosław Pelc – an analyst of the automotive and TSL sectors of Santander Bank…
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Negotiating with trade unions is specific. Remember about asking 10 questions before negotiating with unions. The key is to manage conflict of interest.

10 questions before negotiating with trade unions

Author: Michal Zając Negotiating with trade unions. How to prepare yourself to the process? Cooperation between the Employer and Trade Unions is a continuous process, based on appropriate relationship management, agreeing on the principles of cooperation and communication. It cannot be reduced to ad hoc events or just negotiation. When there is a strike, usually…
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Increase prices. How and when to increase price to the customer

5 great moments to increase prices to the client

Author: Rafał Dados Price increases to the customer. When is the best time to negotiate the price increases? Depending on the business cycle in the economy, and on the microscale of our relationship with the client, obtaining the client’s acceptance of a raise may be difficult or easy to achieve. In this article, I will…
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